Fiber Closure Manufacturer Knowledge Sharing Fiber Propagation Speed


The optical signal of the fiber is not very strong and will not be weakened. Why do you need an optical repeater? Is this not the case? Things are not what you think, and the light in the fiber will also be weakened. Because the material inside the fiber does not reflect the light perfectly, there will be some degree of scattering and absorption. Therefore, the relay amplifier cooperates with the design of a multi-fiber built in the cable and then transmits multiple different data streams on a single fiber. The general solution to this type of weakening signal is to use a repeater.

Besides, most advanced optical networks use the infrared frequency band, which has a relatively low frequency, which means that it cannot carry as much information as a more energetic and higher frequency radiation.

In general, if you want to increase the speed of information transmission of optical fibers, you can make the cable thicker or use higher frequencies to speed up. But of course, it is also necessary to consider the feasibility of cost in real life. There are also signal strengths, energy consumption, and security issues that have to be considered.

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