Fiber Closure Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics Of Fiber Optic Slip Rings


We all know that fiber is gradually replacing broadband, and its use will be more and more extensive, so today, with the Fiber Closure manufacturer to see other knowledge about fiber.

Let's briefly describe what is a fiber slip ring?

Optical fiber rotary joints are also called optical fiber rotary joints, optical fiber slip rings, and optical fibers are used as data transmission media to solve large data transmission between system components of a rotating connection.

What are the characteristics of the fiber slip ring?

1. Use fiber optic cable as the transmission, the transmission speed can reach the transmission requirements of any device.

2. Use optical fiber for signal transmission without electromagnetic leakage.

3. Long life, up to 100 million revolutions.

4. In the case of high magnetic current interference, it can work normally.

5. The transmission bandwidth is much larger than the electrical connector, and it can be used to double the bandwidth with the WDM.

6. Good sealing, stainless steel structure, and ceramic ball make the device more solid, accurate and stable.