Fiber Closure Manufacturer Describes How Fiber Works


Light is transmitted through the fiber, using the principle of total reflection of light. The incident angle of the incident light and the reflected angle of the reflected light follow the law of refraction. When the incident angle increases, the angle of reflection also increases. When the incident angle increases to 90°, the incident light is returned to the original medium. This phenomenon is light. Total reflection. Therefore, when the angle between the light incident on the optical fiber core and the optical axis is less than a certain value, the light is reflected at the interface. At this point, the light bends along the zigzag path in the fiber core, but does not leave the cladding.

The fiber has the function of binding and transmitting light from the infrared to the visible region, and also has a sensing function. The optical fiber can transmit signals such as the brightness of the light and the change of the light point to the other end.

The above information is compiled and shared by the Fiber Closure manufacturer, and it is hoped that the knowledge of the working principle of optical fiber will reach more people.