Dome Fiber Closure Manufacturer Describes How To Connect Two Fibers


How to connect the broken fibers, the following DOME Fiber Closure manufacturers will share the specific placement of the two fibers:

1. Prepare the fiber around the coil after 1.5 times of preparation, and then coil all the remaining fibers in the box.

2. Use a single-core buffer tube for the single-core fiber tray and a ribbon buffer tube for the ribbon-shaped fiber tray. Nail with a nylon cable tie at the entrance of the splice tray.

3. Dock two (belly) optical fibers according to the specified method. The connector is snapped into the slot of the fusion unit. The excess length should be coiled in the disk.

4. Cover the splice tray, and press it to place it in place.

5. According to the different capacity required of the joint box, determine the number of disks to be superimposed on the welding plate. The superimposed type of the welding plate must conform to the card fusion welding unit of the fiber connector and the inspection and maintenance requirements.