Dome Fiber Closure Is the Most Reliable Sealing Box at Home and Abroad


The DOME Fiber Closure , also called the communication optical fiber cable splice box and barrel, is the place where the end of the optical cable is accessed, and then it is connected to the optical switch through the optical fiber jumper. Prevents the aging of materials caused by heat, cold, light, oxygen, and microorganisms in nature, and has excellent mechanical strength. The sturdy fiber optic cable splice box housing and main structure can endure the worst environmental changes while being flame-retardant and waterproof. The role of vibration, impact, cable tension, distortion, etc. are protected.

The dome fiber closure, innovative clamshell structure design, the overall use of stainless steel screws to seal, is currently the most reliable sealing box at home and abroad. The dome fiber closure is suitable for the protection of various optical cable straight-through joints and bifurcated joints, and is applicable to the straight-through and branch connection of laying overhead, pipelines, and direct burial methods of various structural optical cables. Terminals in the terminal of the structural fiber optic cable. The dome fiber closure is usually suitable for indoor or non-outdoor outdoor use and is not suitable for outdoor use. If it is to be used, protective measures should be taken. Working temperature: indoor type: -5 °C ~ +40 °C; outdoor type: -20 °C - +60 °C.

The shell adopts epoxy electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance, easy to use. The welding disk adopts a superimposed structure, flexible configuration, the maximum capacity of the core, the use of ribbon optical cable up to the core. With fiber optic cable fixtures, splice trays and wire Clips. Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon cables.

The dome fiber closure has the function of fixing optical cable, welding function, and terminating optical fiber cable. The optical cable terminal box is used to realize the connection of the pigtail and the optical fiber cable, and the core, core, and core series capacity configuration includes an optical cable retainer, a splice tray, and an optical cable. Clips for ribbon and non-ribbon cables.