Dome Fiber Closure Is Easy To Assemble


The dome fiber closure is designed to be used above or below the grade level and supports up to six or more cable ports. The dome fiber closure design has a unique sealing split end plate system, allowing the diameter to reach 1.125 "intermediate access cable. Branches or horizontal cables can be added to any of the four compression seal input ports. Multiple cables (up to 6) can be installed, using a multi-port gasket available with a fiber cover. No special tools, adhesives or adhesives are required for installation of outdoor optical fiber covers. Integrated loose storage and hinged trays allow maximum storage and access to fiber and fiber bundles. Each fiber ball cover comprises a fiber connector tray.

We also have an external factory base for splicing and terminating cables. The split base design of the base allows the SC Duplex adaptor to conduct circular cutting of fiber-optic cables to carry out mid-span access and terminate as many as 48 splice cables. The splitter used in this product is designed with double cones and is installed in the lower connector tray. The base consists of a 24 fiber-optic connector tray and all the hardware required to fix the three cables. This design also applies to cross - connection applications, saving the cost of stand-alone cabinets.

The dome fiber closure is a "all part", including a sealed connector box for easy assembly and re-entry. The closure is designed with a sealing end plate for intermediate cable applications and a sealing system that is easy to install "no special tools". All major hardware is installed in the factory for quick site installation. Universal multi-center gasket and compression transverse or branch cable seals make the installation shell very simple.

Fb23-4379 -96DE is a medium - sized enclosure which can be used for antenna, base and underground applications. The dome includes a 24 - fiber connector tray that can hold four connector trays.