Dome Fiber Closure Is a Mechanical Pressure Seal Joint System


Greentel DOME Fiber Closure is a mechanical pressure seal joint system that provides continuity protection between the adjacent optical cables to provide optical, sealing, and mechanical strength continuity.

The anti-shield fiber optic splice closure is a passive device that provides reliable guarantee for the connection of optical fibers. It is divided into overhead, pipelines, and direct burial occasions in use; internal connection methods are divided into two types: direct connection and disconnection.

Straight-through connection is to connect two optical cables with the same core number correspondingly; the split connection is to separate one large-core optical cable and more than one small-number optical cable correspondingly or multiple optical cables cross-connect each other. Backbone network is generally dominated by straight-through mode, and the access layer is mainly based on disagreement. The connection between optical fibers is divided into mechanical connection and heat-shrinkage connection. The straight-through connection adopts mechanical connectors to mechanically break the optical fibers that need to be connected. The cores are aligned by the concentricity of the joints, and the fusion-splicer is used to weld the optical fibers that need to be connected together through thermal fusion sleeves and be fixed and protected by a heat-shrinkable sleeve.

In the optical communication network, since the length of the optical cable is limited and the optical cable needs to be branched on the transmission line, an optical fiber connector is produced, and the fiber optic splice closure provides the conditions for connection and branch of the optical cable and protects the connector.

Fiber optic splice closure features:

With excellent environmental applicability, reliability and waterproofness, it fully meets the life requirements of optical communication systems.

The fixing of the optical fiber and the joint box in the fiber optic splice closure are convenient, fast and firm on the pole and tower. Can be installed on the tower, cement pole.

Fiber-optic connectors and excess lengths are laminated laminated fibers, and the joint protection is in the form of a heat-melting heat-shrinkable tube.