Do You Know What is Plastic Optical Fiber


Plastic optical fiber (POF) (or Polymer optical fibre) is an optical fiber that is fabricated out of polymer. Similar to bottle optical fiber, POF transmits ablaze (for beam or data) through the amount of the fiber. Its arch advantage over the bottle product, added aspect getting equal, is its robustness beneath bend and stretching.

Traditionally, PMMA (acrylic) comprises the amount (96% of the cantankerous area in a fiber 1mm in diameter), and fluorinated polymers are the cladding material. Since the backward 1990s abundant college achievement graded-index (GI-POF) fiber based on baggy fluoropolymer (poly(perfluoro-butenylvinyl ether), CYTOP[1]) has amorphous to arise in the marketplace.[2][3] Polymer optical fibers are about bogus appliance extrusion, in adverse to the adjustment of affairs acclimated for bottle fibers.

The amount of artificial optical fibers (POF) in accelerated short-distance advice manual is as aforementioned as balanced cables, the manual bandwidth up to several GHz aural 100 meters, and with simple connection, acceptable flexibility, simple bend and added advantages. Despite the accepted arrangement achievement is still in the aboriginal date of analysis or application, but it is not to be abandoned of its roles in the approaching abbreviate ambit communication, from the advantage of amount and performance, authoritative it has a ample anticipation in the accomplished fiber optic arrangement of FTTH application.

Compared with quartz fiber, POF has the afterward advantages: low modulus, ample amount bore (0.3-1.0mm), can use simple POF connectors if splicing, even if the 30μm aberration produced by optical fiber splicing centre alignment does not affect the coupling loss; ample after breach (about NA0.5), the accepting ablaze bend up to 60°and that of quartz fiber is alone 16 °, availability of bargain LED, and top coupling efficiency;flexibility is good, simple to accomplish and use; a low accident window in the ambit of arresting light; ablaze weight; low amount and processing cost.

Compared with added manual mediums in the LAN(Local Area Network) system, POF arrangement aswell has accessible advantages: POF is not acute to electromagnetic interference, no radiation, abrasion connected in altered abstracts rates, absurdity amount can be forecasted, can be acclimated in electrical blatant environment; appearance long-size, can abate the claim of altruism ascendancy in collective design, so lower the amount of net.