Do Not Blindly Seal the Fiber Closure


Perhaps we know a lot about the equipment used in communication, but there are also many places that need more attention when we operate. The fiber closure is a member of the cable communication, and it is an overhead for various structural cables. Straight and branch connection for pipe and direct burial. Moreover, because the main body of the fiber closure has high quality imported engineering materials, the strength is very high, and the anti-aging ability is also very good.

In the operation of the fiber closure, a good seal depends on the steps in the operating instructions and the use of the specified sealing material is strictly carried out, because if the operation is improper, it will cause damage to the casing, so in order to ensure the integrity of the seal, Attention must be paid to the cleanliness of the seals and not to grease. Also, do not use already used sealing materials, as these inadvertent details are likely to reduce the tightness of the fiber closure.

Therefore, when installing and sealing the fiber closure, you should choose the appropriate sealing ring according to the outer diameter of the cable. Don't forget to tie the ribbon to prevent the sliding of the sealing ring. The so-called ribbon is Equipment used when the cable connector box is used for the end tie. When removing the cable sheath in the fiber closure, do not cut it directly to avoid kinking or damage the inner sheath. If an accident occurs, the rear cable sheath can be removed to ensure sufficient cable for maintenance and maintenance.

The length of use of the fiber closure depends directly on the quality of the insulation material. Reasonable and strong insulation material is the fundamental guarantee for high voltage DC breakdown. Therefore, the structure and material of the insulation and the surface condition have a great influence on the withstand voltage strength performance of the fiber closure. In order to improve the withstand voltage performance of the fiber closure, it is necessary to use a better insulating material to increase the surface finish and reduce the curvature between the insulator and the pole and pole and between the pole and the ground. In the case where all other parameters are the same, this case can be increased by at least 100% in length.