Different Types of Greentelftth Fiber Tools


There are numerous types of Fiber Installation Tools equipment from splitters to routers to modems. A fiber optic transceiver includes a transmitter and receiver to help transform and transmit electrical signals over optical fibers.

A patch cord is a type of fiber optic equipment that may be custom made. These cords may also be laser optimized. Cable break-out kits generally vary in color code, length, and fiber count. Some of these cables include four or six fibers, while the larger models may contain 12.

Fiber optic splice-on connectors may be the bulkhead or patch panel type. A fiber optic coupler is another type of equipment used for connecting two or more devices. The fiber optic coupler needs to be aligned correctly in order to function properly.

The fiber optic microscope is a type of equipment often used in laboratories and research facilities. An inspection microscope utilizes advanced fiber optic technology. Its powerful magnification and high resolution enables the user to inspect small details easily.

A power meter is a type of fiber optic equipment that enables precise read outs. These are used to take measurements of fiber optic cables and are generally powered by a rechargeable battery or power adapter. Most of these meters feature a backlight as well.

Some fiber optic tool kits include the basic tools needed for repairs of fiber optic equipment, while others are more sophisticated. Cable cutters and buffers are typical tools included in a fiber optics kit. Sheers are another tool that may be used for fiber optic repair and installation jobs. Splicing tool kits are also used in fiber optic maintenance.

In addition to equipment, fiber optic accessories are also widely used. For instance, there are various types of cleaning solutions for fiber optic equipment. Cleaning tools also help remove dirt and dust from fiber cables. A dry cloth cleaner is another type of product used for fiber optic equipment. Optic preparation cleaning tissues may be considered a type of fiber optic accessory.

Many other types of fiber optic equipment may be used for various purposes. Pulse suppressors, launch test cables, fiber rings, and attenuators are a few miscellaneous pieces of equipment. Splice cases and splice trays are other common pieces. Fiber optic polishing equipment may include pucks, polishing film, and polishing pads. Fiber optic devices such as Ethernet converters, media converters, and modules are used as part of a computer network.