Detailed Introduction of GPJ 114 B Horizontal Fiber Closure


Scope of application:

GPJ 114 Type B horizontal Fiber Closure is continuously improved and improved according to customer requirements, providing quality assurance for excellent voice, image and data transmission. It can fully meet the needs of fiber optic cable trunking and distribution cable network, and can also meet the requirements of optical cable overhead, underground direct burial, hanging at the entrance of the building and wall construction in the pipeline. The fiber closure can be used for the straight-through connection of the optical cable and the large-capacity connection, and functions to protect the optical cable connector.

Scientific raw material selection and formulation:

The GPJ 114 B-type fiber closure is made of high-strength imported engineering plastic----flame-resistant polycarbonate (PC), which is injection-molded by scientific and reasonable formula. The product can effectively prevent the aging of materials caused by heat, cold, light, oxygen and microorganisms in nature, and has excellent mechanical strength. The sturdy fiber closure casing and main structural components can withstand the strongest in the harshest natural environment. The temperature changes, at the same time, it is protected by flame retardant, waterproof, shock, impact, cable stretching, twisting, etc., and can be adapted to the natural environment of any country.

Innovative waterproof elastomer seals

GPJ 114 B type fiber closure seal adopts self-adhesive sealing tape and rubber strip seal. At the same time, it can also use high-quality elastomer rubber sealing material. Once it is molded with a mold, the joint surface of the product is seamless, and the sealing performance can be guaranteed. It can be repeatedly opened and reused repeatedly to solve the construction problems. The joint box of the company is quick and easy to disassemble, and can withstand the strongest temperature change of nature for a long time to ensure good sealing performance.