Destruction of Greentel Fiber Optic Splice Closure


When you want to prevent the time of water, exposure, or aging of the fiber optic splice closure, you only have to do maintenance work to effectively reduce the incidence of failure.

The poor waterproof performance of the fiber optic splice closure is due to the weather, and the short-circuiting of the fiber optic splice closure can easily cause a large area of blackout. After each rainy day, there is always a failure to burn the cable box, increasing the amount of repair work. Fiber optic splice closure is easy to enter the water, is due to the small space inside the cable connector box, 35 square millimeters cable power line with plastic expansion tube fixed, there is no room to do a waterproof bend, as well as the rain along the cable flow to the charged terminal On the other hand, due to the small gap between the terminals, the insulation measures are not in place, and they are easily short-circuited after entering the water. Coupled with the defects of the cable splice enclosure itself, there are cooling holes and wiring holes around it, and it becomes a water inlet hole in rainy days.

In addition, the low-voltage fiber optic splice closure that is in use should be checked and maintained on schedule, and the wires in the box should be re-pressed in time to reprocess the insulation strength. The wires that have been damaged or have insufficient insulation and which are seriously deteriorated should be promptly replaced, and if necessary, additional fiber optic splice closure should be installed to prevent excessive wiring.

The Greentel Fiber Optic Splice Closure adopts waterproof elastomeric seals, high quality elastomer rubber seal material is selected, and the mold is molded once, so that the product joint surface is seamless, the sealing performance can be guaranteed, and repeated opening and repeated use can be achieved. The construction problem, quick and easy disassembly and assembly of the fiber optic splice closure, and can withstand the strongest temperature changes in nature for a long time, to ensure good sealing performance.