Description of Outdoor Fiber Optic Splice Closure


Greentel outdoor Fiber Optic Splice Closure are splice devices that provide optical, sealed, and mechanical strength continuity between adjacent fiber optic cables. In the optical communication network, since the length of the optical cable is limited and the optical cable needs to be branched on the transmission line, an optical fiber cable connector is generated, and the optical cable connection box provides the conditions for connection and branch of the optical cable and protects the connector. The cable splice box is also called optical fiber cable splice box, optical fiber cable splice bag, optical fiber cable splice kit and barrel. It is mainly used for the direct and branch connection of overhead cables, pipelines, and direct burial methods of various structural fiber cables. The box body uses high-quality engineering plastics, high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, able to withstand severe climate change and harsh working environment. Widely used in communications, network systems, CATV cable, optical cable network systems and so on.

1. The fiber optic splice closure can be used at the same time for welding of some of the trunk cables and the branch cables, and some of the trunk cables are fused with pigtails or pigtails, and are connected to the optical switching equipment through the fiber jumper. The splicing unit, the wiring unit in the network box, the part of the material of the network box casing, the optical cable connecting the cable box to the network box and the whole operation process can be omitted.

2. Optical fiber fusion splicing unit, fiber optic containment trays increase or decrease fast and time-saving, and the optical fiber collection tray turnover angle can reach more than 90°C, which is convenient for future expansion and maintenance.

3. Fiber-optic wiring unit can install FC, SC, ST, LC adapter fixed module, installation is very convenient, can be configured according to user needs, the size of each module and the same mounting hole.

4. Innovative structural design, convenient and reliable installation, the use of high-strength PC engineering plastics with scientific formulas for the entire plastic parts, injection molding can be used in the natural environment of -40 °C ~ +65 °C for a long time.

5. Multifunctional fiber optic splice closure can be mounted on the wall or pole. The realization of FTTH access for fiber network construction reduces costs and improves communication quality.