Daily Maintenance Of The Fiber Closure


Many security systems will encounter some problems, such as the transmission of signals, such as video, audio, data, local area network and other signal transmission. How to select the transmission medium is an extremely annoying thing. Perhaps we were hesitant to choose between fiber optics and copper cables. However, many projects now favor fiber optic cables. Let's take a look at the prospects of combining security system engineering with fiber optic transmission.

Because the optical signal is transmitted in the optical fiber, the interference of the electrical signal has no effect on the optical fiber. Optical technology is now used internally in optical transceivers to ensure stable transmission and high transmission quality. The prospect of combining security system engineering with fiber optic transmission is optimistic about the times. Silicon is used to manufacture optical fibers. The silicon on our planet is inexhaustible, and copper used in copper cables is Not so. With the improvement and improvement of optical fiber connection technology, optical fiber construction will become more and more convenient.

Routine maintenance means that the fiber closure during normal operation andmaintenance and inspections are carried out regularly. It should be done once every few months, rather than waiting for problems to be maintained. Use the performance tester for copper channels and unused Fibre Channel (since the Fibre Channel is delicate and vulnerable to wear and dust. Therefore, for the Fibre Channel being used, sampling is not recommended to avoid damaging the Fibre Channel due to testing or The fiber-optic module of the network equipment is subjected to random inspection. The test method is the permanent link test and the performance test of the jumper used, and is checked against the original record.

Sampling fiber closures, check can be manually set faults, check the real-time alarm response time and alarm sound; Similarly, the integrated wiring management software (including the software in the electronic distribution frame) should manually check the electronic records, the scope of inspection includes construction Record and maintain the daily record so far. Construction records should be checked for completeness and should not be lost or damaged. The purpose of daily maintenance work is only one: to eliminate the hidden dangers in the bud. Only in this way can we ensure that the optical fiber closure is always at a durable level.