Continuous Improvement of Fiber Optic Splice Closure


In the information age, the requirements for Fiber Optic Splice Closure equipment are getting higher and higher, especially the fiber optic splice closure for outdoor use can be said to have high sealing requirements. It can still protect various cable straight-through connectors in harsh environments. The entire fiber optic splice closure equipment adopts scientific formula, high-strength PCB synthetic engineering plastics, effectively organizes the aging of materials caused by cold, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet rays in nature, and has excellent mechanical strength.

The fiber optic splice closure is continuously improved and improved according to the user's requirements, providing quality assurance for excellent voice, image and data transmission. It can fully meet the needs of fiber optic cable trunking and distribution cable network, and can also meet the requirements of optical cable overhead, underground direct burial, hanging at the entrance of the building, pipelines and installation in human wells. The fiber optic splice closure can be used for optical cable straight-through connection and large-capacity bifurcation connection, and functions to protect the cable connector.

China fiber optic splice closure plastic parts are made of high quality polycarbonate (PC) fasteners and structural parts are made of high quality stainless steel material, secondary cable technology, to ensure that the fiber in the box has no additional attenuation, the product is stable and reliable, and the appearance of the product has many times. The multiplexing and expansion functions are easy to install and have good sealing/water tightness.

Greentel fiber optic splice closure shell and the main structural members of the oblique plug, the splice tray and the cable holder are all made of high-strength imported engineering plastics - flame retardant. GPJ type fiber optic splice closure, which can effectively prevent the aging of materials caused by heat, cold, light, oxygen and microorganisms in nature, and has excellent mechanical strength. The sturdy fiber optic splice closure and main structural parts can endure the worst. The strong temperature changes in the natural environment, while protecting the flame retardant, waterproof, shock, impact, cable stretching, twisting, etc., can be adapted to the natural environment of any country.