Complete Solution for Fiber Optic Termination Box


The complete solution for precision end-face Fiber Optic Termination Box cleaning.

Contains everything needed to eliminate the #1 cause of fiber optic link failure: contamination

Supports all fiber connector types in datacenter and campus environments

Solvent pen precisely dispenses specially formulated fiber optic cleaning solution

Cards for convenient cleaning of fiber end-faces Rugged carrying case stores and transports all fiber optic cleaning tools

1. Use fiber patch cords (or connectors, if you terminate your own fiber) only from a reputable supplier; low-quality components can cause many hard-to-diagnose problems in an installation.

2. Dust caps are to ensure factory-clean optical devices.These protective caps should not be removed until the moment of connecting the fiber cable to the device. Should it be necessary to disconnect the fiber device, reinstall the protective dust caps.

3. Store spare caps in a dust-free environment such as a sealed plastic bag or box so that when reinstalled they do not introduce any contamination to the optics.

4. If you suspect that the optics have been contaminated, alternate between blasting with clean, dry, compressed air and flushing with methanol to remove particles of dirt.