Common Role Of Fiber Closure


General Fiber Closure is a direct-buried closure that provides the perfect choice for low fiber count applications.

Docking and online installation. The compact size and rugged design allow the cover to be used below grades.

Fiber Closure's role is in the SCF series designed for fiber splicing in air, pipeline, and underground applications. These sealed cans are available in single fiber loose tubes (72 to 576) and ribbon fibers (288 to 1296). In the Open Ribbon System (ORS), the reel end is allowed to splicing to the reel end, and the SCF seal provides a separate end cap for easy installation of uncut cables.

Quick-seal mechanical seals are introduced into the cable ports to allow quick and easy installation during initial construction or future expansion. The integration of the multiport tails of up to 24 flat cables is achieved through an optional additional cable kit. Designed for configuration flexibility, these enclosures offer greater free space, a variety of tray heights, and high-capacity platform storage.