Common Installation of Optical Distribution Box


An optical fiber is a medium that conveys a message from one end to the other, and is a glass or plastic fiber that acts as a medium for passing messages.

Optical distribution box is for optical cable and optical communication equipment wiring connection, through the wiring box within the adapter, with light jumper leads to optical signals, optical wiring function. Suitable for fiber optic cable and fiber optic cable protection connection, but also for fiber optic access network in the fiber endpoint used. At the same time as fiber to the home, the distribution box (ODB) is usually installed on the second floor of the building, for connecting the distribution cable and the arc drop cable.

Commonly used fiber optic wiring box has 12 fibers or 14 fibers. They are 370 mm in height, 290 mm in width and 68 mm in depth. Optical fiber distribution box laying cable, the bending radius should be greater than 16 times the diameter. There are several fiber optic connectors in the interior of the optical distribution box, and its built-in number depends on the number of fiber optic connector cores. Each pallet has 12 fibers. The bow-type drop cable is connected directly to the connector and then through the adapter to the fiber pigtail.

The fiber splice in the optical distribution box is used to weld the adapter panel. The splice tray can be installed in a fiber cabinet for storage and routing of fiber optic connectors. An additional multihead pigtail also needs to be welded to the input fiber optic cable. The fiber pigtail will then be attached to the fiber adapter mounted on the front panel.

Optical distribution box connection jumper is very common, only need to connect the fiber optic distribution box to install two loose spool and four fiber adapter panel can be. The fiber distribution box provides an easy-to-manage environment for fiber jumpers, and the two spools installed in the slide-out closet can help manage these fiber jumpers. The following figure shows you the fiber jumpers installed in the fiber distribution box that are managed by the spool.