Clean and Maintain the Ftth Box


Ftth box has become the equipment we often use in life, it enriches our lives, for us to bring great convenience. Just use the ftth box is not enough, we should be careful maintenance of it.

First of all we have to ensure that the ftth box work table is clean, there is no pollution around, otherwise you need to clean or transfer the workplace. Before using the pipeline = face inspection, in the use of fiber optic caps, flanges and other optical components, be sure to make the jumper jumper is to wear into the hole. Usually do not use the connector is, you must use the fiber cap to protect it. Use a cleaning tool to contact the fiber box when the force should be moderate to avoid the fiber surface of the hard pollutants caused by scratches. And then make sure that cleaning tools (such as alcohol, mirror paper, etc.) are clean before use. Exposure to air in a long time or contaminated cleaning equipment can no longer be used to avoid causing new contamination or even scratches on the fiber cartridge.

So how to clean the ftth box? For dirty ftth boxes, you can repeat the same rotation with 2-3 times with dipped in alcoholic paper. After the wet wiping, and then take a small clean paper for dry clean. Dry wipe to try to gently, slowly sliding, too fast or too hard can cause the fiber side of the secondary pollution. A dusty paper that has been contaminated by a finger or a desktop can no longer be used for dry wiping.

If all of the ftth box is clean, and the use of the correct operation, then generally do not need to clean and wipe. But after the end of the use of the end of the use of the correct cleaning, and then use the fiber cap protection for the next use.