Classification of Fiber Distribution Cabinet


Optical fiber distribution cabinet, is used for optical fiber communication network cable, fiber optic termination, protection, connection and management of wiring equipment. In this equipment can be achieved on the cable fixed, stripping, grounding protection, and a variety of fiber welding, jumping, redundant fiber coiled, reasonable layout, wiring scheduling and other functions, is the transmission between the media and transmission equipment Grouped equipment. It can be used to connect, allocate and dispatch the optical fiber line in the end and distribution of the backbone cable in the optical fiber communication system.

Optical fiber distribution cabinet can be divided into unit, drawer and modular. Unit-type fiber distribution cabinet is installed in a rack a number of units, each unit is a separate fiber patch panel. This patch panel not only retains the original characteristics of small and medium-sized optical fiber patch panel, but also through the structure of the deformation of the rack, providing space utilization, is a large-capacity optical fiber distribution frame early common structure. But because of its inherent limitations in the provision of space, in the operation and use of a certain inconvenience.

The drawer type optical fiber distribution cabinet also divides a rack into multiple units, each consisting of one or two drawers. When the welding and transfer line, pull out the corresponding drawer to operate outside the frame, which has a larger operating space, so that each unit does not affect each other. The drawer is provided with a locking device in both pull-out and push-in conditions to ensure safe and reliable operation and use of devices within the unit. Although this fiber patch panel cleverly for the cable terminal operation to provide a larger space, but with the unit, like in the optical cable storage and placement, still can not provide the greatest convenience. This type of rack is currently the most in one form.

Modular structure is the fiber optic wiring cabinet is divided into a variety of functional modules, fiber optic cable splicing, transfer lines, cable storage and other functional operations, respectively, in the module to complete, these modules can be combined according to the need to install a common rack Inside. This structure provides maximum flexibility to better meet the needs of the communications network. The current modular large-capacity fiber distribution rack, the use of panels and drawers and other unique structure, so that the fiber welding and deployment line operation more convenient.It is the most popular in a large capacity fiber patch panel, but its current cost is relatively high.