Classification and Function of Fiber Optic Splice Closure


The Fiber Optic Splice Closure is a device used in the connection of optical cables in communication equipment, and has played an important role in this industry. Let's take a look at the cable connector box classification and its functional requirements, as follows:

According to the shape plan, it can be divided into two types: cap type Fiber Optic Splice Closure and horizontal cable Fiber Optic Splice Closure;

According to the cable laying method, there are types such as overhead, pipeline (central) and direct burial;

According to the cable connection method, it is divided into two types: straight through and non-connected;

There are heat shrinkable seal type and mechanical seal type according to the sealing method.

Functional requirements:

It has the function of restoring the integrity of the cable jacket and the mechanical continuity of the cable reinforcement member.

Supply of electrical connections, grounding or disconnection of metal components in fiber optic cables.

It has the function of protecting the fiber connector from the environment.

Provides the ability to mount fiber optic connectors and retain fiber storage.

The cable connector box should also have the function of termite protection when needed.

After the fiber optic connector is maintained through the connector box, it should be protected from moisture corrosion. The fiber connector attenuation before maintenance should not be added, and the following requirements should be met:

Optical function: The remaining fiber in the cable connector box is wrapped around the fiber placement device. In the operation of the cable connector box device, the fiber connector should have no significant additional attenuation.

Sealing function: After the cable connector box is packaged according to the rules of operation, the inflation pressure in the cable connector box is (100 ± 5) kPa. Soak in a clear water container at room temperature for 15 minutes. No air bubbles should escape, or check 24 The hour barometer indicates that there should be no change.

Re-sealing function: The cable connector box is tested after repeating the package three times according to the regular operation procedure. The inflation pressure in the cable connector box is l00kPat5kPa, soak it in the clear water container at room temperature for 15 minutes, no bubble escapes, or the 24-hour barometer indication should be unchanged.