Characteristics of Inline Closure


Optical Fiber Inline Closure Model. Available with Aerial and Underground optical fiber cable from 12 to 60 Fibers and up to 120 Fibers water protection proof, Designed for quick installation and easy to use, Thus saving time in the workplace, Greater use of rubber Sealing tape between bolt lid, Can be used this closure is Straight Joint, Branch Joint and Butt Joint


- Made from Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Resistant sunlight (UV) and climatic conditions of the acid and alkali, vibration resistant, Durable pull and bend of cable it well.

- Easy to install (Clip Lock)

- Can be open and close lid easily without special tools.

- Design a clip lock attached on the lid, for easy to use, dropped during operation.

- Prepare successful accessories, easily installed and reduce the time of installation.

- Can be install cable freely and easily with a clamp lock optical fiber cable in order to keep tidy.

- Provide hanging clamp Stainless SUB 304 and disconnect from cable stand, convenient fast install and can be use aerial and air-mounted on pole.

- Designed front cover with space for company name or sprayed or painted stripes Logo is permanently attached to the plastic.

- Splice Tray and lid made from Polycarbonate or white ABS.