Cause of Failure of Fiber Distribution Box


Fiber distribution box according to the communication industry standard YD / T 778 design and production, to complete the introduction of cable, fixed and stripping protection, fiber welding and protection, pigtail storage, jump fiber storage and management, fixed fiber connection Cross-connect and other functions; at the same time according to the requirements of customers to install optical splitter, wavelength division multiplexer multiplexer suppliers and other value-added module unit.

Common faults in the fiber distribution box: If you find that the transmission line is poor or the transmission effect is poor, then it may be inappropriate to bend the radius of the fiber caused by permanent physical deformation, increase transmission consumption. Or because the connection is loose and the fiber connector is lost. Engineering personnel must pay attention to the construction of fiber bending radius protection (turning and rack access cable bottleneck), fiber optic wiring box design must be reasonable.

If the phenomenon of fiber shedding, optical fiber ah changes in the physical structure of the most vulnerable, easily damaged, affecting the true brother of the network security and reliability. Staff in the construction of the cable for fixed protection, safe grounding, welding part of the point must be strictly and prudent operation, does not allow the slightest error.

Fiber distribution box is for terminal access to the client, suitable for optical communication equipment wiring connection, through the wiring box adapter, with light jumper leads to optical signals, optical wiring function. Also suitable for cable and patchy pigtail protection connection. The box is made of plastic material, moistureproof, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion and anti-aging performance, protection class IP54. Box placed within the plug-in splitter, can be installed 2 or 4 1 minute 8 plug-in beam splitter, configuration more flexible and free, easy expansion, investment savings. Patchwork cable with a special card slot design, with a live connector into the box, fixed and reliable, simple and efficient placement.

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