Care Must Be Taken When Installing the Fiber Optic Splice Closure


The selection of the horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure must meet the requirements of the YD/T814-1996 standard to ensure that the radius of curvature of the fiber in the connector box is not less than 37.5MM, and the remaining length of the fiber in the connector box is not less than 1.6M. The reinforcing member is firmly fixed on the joint box, and no twisting occurs between the optical cable and the joint box, and the fiber optic splice closure has excellent sealing performance and can prevent moisture from entering. When the optical cable is connected, the joint attenuation should be based on the average value of the OTDR two-way test; if the cable is laid, if it cannot be processed in time, the two ends of the cable should be sealed to prevent moisture from invading the fiber.

In fiber optic cable products, optical fiber is a very fragile thing and requires more special protection. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to during the transportation, laying and installation of the cable: the cable tray with the optical cable should be oriented in the direction indicated by the side panel of the disk. Rolling, rolling, distance should not be too long, generally should not exceed 20 meters, should pay attention to prevent obstacles from damaging the packaging board when rolling. When loading and unloading the optical cable, use lifting equipment such as a forklift or special steps. It is strictly forbidden to directly roll or drop the cable tray from the vehicle. It is forbidden to lay or stack the cable trays with optical cables. The cable trays in the compartments must be protected with wooden blocks.

In the cable laying construction in which the segment length is compared, if the disk needs to be reversed, the cable must be placed in the "8" plate. Make its cable completely twisted. After the cable is connected, it is advisable to reserve a proper amount of fiber optic cable at both ends of the horizontal fiber optic splice closure, and the solid disk is on the remaining cable frame. The fiber optic cable is one of the important roles in network engineering, if it is already in use before it has been used. The economic losses caused by problems can not be ignored.