Cable Terminal Box is the Pillar of Modern Communication


Terminal box is used in the communications industry. It is divided into fiber terminal box and cable terminal box two. Cable terminal box by cable connection, can be divided into straight type and divergence type. Cable terminal box, also known as the joint box, its role is to connect the two cables together. The terminal box is where the end of the cable is connected, and then accesses the optical switch via the optical jumper. Therefore, the terminal box is usually installed in the 19-inch rack, can accommodate the number of cable ends more.

Cable terminal box as the carrier of information transmission to fiber hardware as an information transmission medium, has become an important pillar of modern communications. Fiber optic cable terminal technology from the theory to the field of engineering technology to achieve, and then to today's high-speed optical fiber communication to achieve, before and after decades of time, the birth and in-depth development of optical fiber communication is an important issue in the history of information communications reform.

When the cable terminal box is installed in the moving floor or on the ground, it should be fixed in the junction box. The information panel should be in the form of upright and horizontal. The wiring box cover can be opened and should be waterproof, dustproof and compression function. The surface should be flush with the ground. When the bottom box is installed with the information module and the power outlet, the spacing and the protective measures taken should meet the design requirements. The method of fixing the base of the cable end box should be set according to the specific conditions of the construction site. It can be installed by means of expansion screw, nailing and other methods. The fixing method of the information module is based on the construction site condition.

The cable termination box is made of three parts: shell, inner part and optical fiber connector. The housing should be easy to open, easy to install, and there should be a device for grounding the high-voltage protection of the metal elements of the cable. The protection of fiber optic connectors can be used to protect the heat shrinkage tube, folder and so on. Optical cable terminal box is generally suitable for indoor or non-outdoor use, is not suitable for open use, if you want to use, should take protective measures.