Buy Fiber Optic Splice Closure to Pay Attention to Lightning Protection Performance


Summer is a season of thunderstorms. We must take this into account when installing the fiber optic splice closure. The fiber optic splice closure is a structure that connects the core of the cable. When selecting the fiber optic splice closure, it should be selected according to the actual use. The metal platen connection structure is superior to the shackle connection, and the shackle lateral opening is superior to the longitudinal slotted structure. In order to protect the cable, an overhead suspension line is required. The electrical connection is grounded every 2km. When grounding, it can be grounded directly or through a suitable surge protection device.

Since the metal sheath in the optical cable has zero ground potential, if the protective layer of the outdoor optical cable is damaged, the lightning current can easily enter the optical cable. If the grounding device does not meet the requirements, the lightning current cannot be quickly released, and the protection cannot be prevented. The function will also damage the fiber optic cable, so the grounding device of the terminal box should be selected well, and the grounding resistance should meet the requirements.

When lightning protection is applied to the optical cable line buried in the ground, the joint parts of the metal parts in the optical cable should be connected, so that the reinforcing core, the moisture-proof layer and the armor layer of the hop cable are kept in communication. In the inner and outer parts of the two layers, the reinforcement is grounded, and the lightning arrester is grounded. The optical cable with no service copper wire needs to be electrically disconnected at the cable joint, the armor layer and the reinforcing core are electrically disconnected, and cannot be grounded. It should be insulated, so as to avoid the accumulation of induced lightning current in the cable and avoid the lightning discharge line. The impedance of the metal components of the optical cable is different from that of the ground loop, and the lightning current in the ground is introduced into the optical cable to damage the optical cable through the grounding device.