Brief Introduction to DOME Fiber Closure


DOME Fiber Closure is a passive component that provides excellent protection for fiber splices. It can provide aerial assembly, pipeline assembly and underground burial.DOME type closures are also known as vertical closures. The input and output ports are located at the bottom of the closure. DOME closures are better suited for applications that access layers.

GreenTel offers a variety of shape closures for the DOME type. All the closures we offer have good sealing properties. Whether the closure is in the air, in the pipeline or buried underground, high-quality plastic materials ensure durability.

DOME Fiber Closure has all mechanical seals with IP68 protection and high quality plastic body material for durability. It is mainly suitable for Φ5mm~Φ38mm cable air, underground, pipeline, manhole, hand hole assembly, suitable for -40° C to +65 ° C ambient temperature.