Application of the Fiber Distribution Terminal


Fiber optic cables are one of the most popular media for new cabling installation and upgrades, including backbone, level and desktop applications. Fiber has many advantages over copper. Fiber provides more bandwidth than copper and has a higher standard of performance. More bandwidth means that the fiber can carry more information than the copper's higher fidelity. Keep in mind that the fiber speed depends on the type of cable used. Single-mode fiber provides maximum bandwidth without bandwidth requirements.

Fiber distribution terminals are designed for bonding and interconnecting fiber optic cables. Applicable to FTTH applications for multi-residential buildings. The box is light in weight, small in size, and the fiber line is perfect. FATB can be installed on the wall, very easy to install and maintain. When used as an optical fiber distribution box, it can be applied directly, requiring only the fiber required for the floor, and the other fibers from the distribution cable continue uninterrupted through the box.

The fiber distribution terminal is the end of a cable, one is the cable, the other is the pigtail, the equivalent of a fiber optic cable is split into a single optical fiber equipment, installed on the wall of the user cable terminal box, its function is to provide fiber Welding with the fiber, fiber and pigtail welding and optical connector transfer. And to provide mechanical protection and environmental protection for optical fibers and their components, and to allow proper inspection to maintain the highest standards of fiber management.

Fiber Distribution Terminal can overcome some of the constraints that copper cables can not overcome. Fiber loss is low, the bandwidth, the lifting of the copper wire diameter of the restrictions. In addition, the optical fiber from electromagnetic interference, to ensure the quality of signal transmission, cable instead of copper, can solve the problem of urban underground communication pipe congestion. Fiber distribution terminal to provide data services, a sound monitoring and management system, to adapt to the needs of future broadband integrated services digital network, breaking the "bottleneck", so that the information highway unimpeded.