Advantages of Fiber Distribution Box Make it Applied on Many Occasions


Optical fiber distribution box for optical cable and optical communication equipment wiring connection, through the wiring box within the adapter, with light jumper leads to optical signals, optical wiring function. Suitable for cable and patch pigtail of the protective connection, but also for fiber optic access network in the fiber endpoint used. Features are drawers and fixed and other specifications. Modular fiber optic wiring box termination more convenient, more flexible use; front operation, installation quickly and easily.

Optical fiber distribution box can be used in the introduction of the cable, fixed and stripping protection, fiber welding and protection, pigtail storage, jump fiber storage and management, fixed fiber connection and cross-connect and other functions; The requirements of the installation of optical splitter, wavelength division multiplexer and other value-added module unit. It can also be used for termination, use and management of interconnection and inter-device cables.

Optical fiber distribution box full radius of curvature control to ensure that the radius of curvature of the fiber at any position greater than 30mm. The optical fiber for each way to make a clear identification, thus avoiding the maintenance process may cause disruption caused by the demolition. And its connector is very durable, the number of times can be used more than 1000 times.

Optical fiber distribution box has many advantages. It has a variety of joints, flexible installation, support a variety of fiber optic connector management, such as SC, LC, ST, MT-RJ and so on. And it is equipped with high-voltage protective grounding device, to avoid the possibility of danger. The box is made of cold-rolled plate, the electrostatic spray treatment, nice, clear lines, anti-corrosion waterproof performance, long service life. Take the left and right structure and the structure of the upper and lower structure of the design, both sides have fiber splicing layer, and the right upper layer for the optical splitter wiring layer, the lower layer of fiber welding layer. Door locks with high quality outdoor waterproof lock, the box can be installed wall.