Advantage Analysis of Cap Type Fiber Closure


Greentel Fiber Closure is a professional product for optical fiber communication engineering connection. It has always been superior to its excellent and efficient cable trunk management, excellent sealing performance, high energy corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, beautiful appearance design and easy installation and use. In the optical cable communication industry.

Greentel Fiber Closure combines a new sealing system with high-efficiency fiber optic connection, using advanced PC materials, complete and convenient accessories and easy and convenient operation methods to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of fiber optic cable projects.

Cap type greentel fiber closure:

1. High-quality material configuration ensures communication quality and safety in harsh external environments such as high temperature and humidity. The plastic parts of the fiber optic splice closure are molded by high-strength engineering plastics, and the external fasteners and structural parts are made of high-quality stainless steel.

2. The welding plate has a welded joint at one end, and each welding disc does not affect each other, thereby avoiding the increase of the loss caused by the transition tube knotting.

3. Fiber optics can be transferred between the discs to increase flexibility and meet installation needs.

4. Mechanical seal and heat shrink seal combined. In the box, the inflation pressure is 100KPa5Kpa, soaked in normal temperature water for 15 minutes without bubble escape; or stable observation 24h barometer pointer no change.

5. It can bridge, distribute, branch and repair the optical cable, and is suitable for various occasions such as overhead, pipeline, direct burial, and loose cable, skeleton, ribbon and other optical cables. Easy circuit design, management and maintenance.

6. It is compatible with optical passive components such as splitters and is easy to construct.

7. Multi-function fiber optic splice closure that can be mounted on a wall or pole. Realizing FTTH access for fiber network construction reduces costs and improves communication quality.