Fiber Closure Widely Used in Optic Telecommunication Systems


There are aswell multi-mode fiber cable assemblies, array fiber optic cable assemblies and award fan-out fiber cable assemblies. It has two above appliance areas: computer plan base to aperture and fiber optic application panels or optical cantankerous affix administration center. Fiber optic application cables are for calm applications only.

Let’s introduce the specific features and applications of fiber optic patch cord:

1. Single-mode fiber: Single mode fiber optic cable jacket color is usually yellow, blue connector and protective sleeve, long transmission distance.

2. Multi-mode fiber: Multimode fiber optic cable jacket color is usually orange or gray, black connector and protective sleeve, short transmission distance.

The necessary equipment of production and processing fiber optic patch cord – Fiber polishing machine

Features of fiber optic patch cord:

Low insertion loss

Good repeatability

Big return Loss

Great Mutual insert performance

Temperature stability

Using tips of fiber optic patch cord

1. Fiber optic patch cord have same transceiver wavelength at both ends. You only need to check the color of the two ends. The same color of the two ends.

2. Do not excessive bending and circling, excessive bending and circling will increase the attenuation of light during transmission.

Another tip for good fiber connector mating is: not too tight. Unlike electrical connections, tighter is not better.

3. Dust and oil will damage the optical fiber coupling. So, please use cases to protect the connector of fiber optic jumper after using.

The connector's job is to bring the endfaces of two fibers together. Once they touch, tighter only causes a greater force to be applied to the delicate endface. In some connectors, the end can cock off-axis with a tight connection (due to the curved face) resulting in a worse return loss.

Many measurements are actually improved by backing off the connector pressure. Also, if a piece of grit does happen to get by the cleaning procedure, a tighter connection is more likely to damage the glass. Tighten just until the two fibers touch.

Fiber Closure is usually used with outdoor fiber optic cables, provides space for the outdoor fiber optic cables to be spliced together. The fiber optic splice closures and the fiber trays inside will protect the spliced fiber and the joint parts of the outdoor fiber cables. Generally the fiber optic splice closures are dome fiber closure, and inline closure is used more often.